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Reprinted market skincare pH

Why repeated pH 5.5 productis the most excellent .Because in our skin is the most outside a layer called the sebum membrane natural protective layer it against most of the bacteria and the environment against its pH value is 5.
5and thisfilm is very fragile in many basic products ( PH&gt ;7.5)can be very easily destroyed and the sebum membrane regeneration takes about 5-8 hours and thena lot of people are repeating the same behavior continued destruction of continuous regeneration transition tired skin may produce many problems :acne,Asics Shoes, dark ,Asics Onitsuka Tiger,so please remember the beauty of their mm ~ shopping must see to buy DD PH Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ values below are from the Internet when down but also some but for my own use PH test paper to measure out Oh ~ ~ cleanser :numerical value is close to 5.
5 of weak acid and more suitable for our skin CM soap :neutral-to-faintly alkaline 7~7.5MARYKEY No. 2neutralcleansing cream : a comparison of weak acid ,about 6~6.5 H2Omarine cleansing gel :neutral weak acid ,6.
5~7H2Omarine Cleansing Cream : weak ,about 6~6.5 AVENEAVENE Cleansing Milk Cleansing Gel 7.25.5 AVENEsoap is also 5.5 Bpapaya Whitening Cleanser Milk ( freckle :weak acid formula ) ,6~6.
5Softtothin face cleansing cream 6.5Softtofiber face cream 7adjacentwales seaweed cleansing mud 8 much Nnskinfacial cleanser 5.5Nnskin cleansingPA 5.5 Shiseidonaturgo natural mud to wash pH 9 EA2-IN-1,6 Lancomeclean cleansing honey ,approximately 7 Lancomecleanser foam ,Nike Mercurial Victory III AG,&gt ;7 Lancomewhitening foam cleanser 6.
9 Kanebopeach cleansing cream PH7.5 KosePH 7.1 Cliniquewhitening cream soap is alkaline ,there are more than 9 NiveaWhitening Foam Cleanser PH7.3 NIVEAdelicate cleansing gel 6.5 BioreRefreshing Cleanser 6.
4Biorefat soluble oil 7.5-8Bioredeep cleansing milk acid 6-6.5perfumeshop Lavender cleansing gel with Aloe Facial Cleanser 7-7.26-6.5SK-IIFacial Treatment Cleanser ( cleanser ) 5.5question:8.
5 SisleyCleansing Milk sage cleanser ,Adidas Porsche Bounce S2,cleansing cream 5.5 CDcleansing cream liquid 7 Amwaysoap 8.5 NUXE honeycleansing is a weak acid ( ZA 8CLARINS39that)all ( including bubble and bubble in 6 to7)between RUTINA ( 180kind)8 Borghese( oil skin with orange toothpaste of ) 8muscle essence8 whiteDi Yan nourish type ,8Salana springsrenewing cleansing cream 5.
5-6(the product above the nominal 5.5)Salana deep sea water cleansing cream 6LUMENEdouble-effect Cleanser ( peeling in 5.5-6redearth ) Yan Ni cleansing milk ( cleanser ) 6-6.5DOVEShannon Block 6.
5-7 Japanese poetryU.S. House milk foam cleanser 8-8.5PONDseaweed cleansing mud 8.5pose healthHall Benefiance creamy foam 8.5Olay total effectscare soap alkalescent Olay cleansing cotton neutral bluespa cleansing philosophy basic neutral and slightly alkaline LG beauty soap ( Rose flavor) alkaline with the letter soap alkalescent Garner Bao aloe alkalescent poetry U.
S. House cleansing :egg weakly basic ( and LG beauty soap as ) Guerlain eye cleanser Unisex Borghese CLEANING CREME alkaline Borghese pink cleansing cream is slightly acidic .CLARINS cleansing cream and FOAM is slightly acidic .
Toner :pH 5.5 isonly worth to buy ~ medical snow muscle essence of Huang Guashui Boots 5.5 KIEHLS5.5the balance of water5.5 Bootslotion 5.5LUMENEalcohol-free toner ( white bottle ) 5.5-6AvonHuan Cai lotion 5.
5-6NIVEApowder water 6.5 postureLife hall Benefiance Balancing Lotion 6.5 KOSEtime essence ,PH=8 Clinique2 wateralkaline = soap prettyvally orange blossom water weak acid Nnskin PH 5.5 NnskinPH toner and toner 5.
5 KOSE five heavyacidic Aupres skin-firm water weak acid pills beauty tea polyphenols shrinkage water weak acid Kose Glen Dana lotion weakly acidic collagen firming water weak acid elene oil convergence toner acidic L whitening toner 5.
5 SOFINARISE toner weak-acid IPSA metabolizer weak acid Juvena powder water weak acid Li magic acne water weak acid Lanceome Blanc Expert XW acidic prettyvally camomile acidic pH :rest of such products remain at 5.
5-7.5 you canrest assured that the use of Sisley instant moisture cream 5.5 Sisley5.5screenSPF20 Sisley sunflower mask ( with foundation) 6.5 SisleyCream SPF15 5.5 Sisley7.5sunscreenAlmighty Sisley Eye Lip Cream 6.
0&lt ;6.5 Sisleycucumber cream 5.5 SisleyLily Day Cream 5.5 Sisleycleansing liquid ( green ) 5.5Sisley nightlydeep repair liquid 5.5-6.0Sisley mask( Linden blossom ) 6.5-7.0SisleyThe black-headed facial mask 6.
5 Sisleywater 6 Nnskinglacier mud 6.5-7.0NnskinNapca 7.0-7.2Nnskin skinmoisturizing spray repair liquid 6 Nnskinwet gel .7 CDCD Hydra-move cream daily whitening essence 6.5<6.5 EsteeLauder =5.
5 CD whitening maskremover liquid 7.0-7.5LauraMercier 6.5-7.0Clarinseye makeup before the 6.5 ArmaniSilk 7 ArmaniFluid Sheer 7 Lancomefoundation pink mask 6.5 Loccitanehand cream 6 SK-IIfoundation 7Aupresmoisturizing milk 6.
5<7question:whitening moisturizing milk 6.5-7.0AupresAqua Hydrating Gel 6.0-6.5 Dettolshower gel :5.5-6romanticgreen bottle ( fresh flavor) 6Olay total effectscare bath shower gel :6.5of rain flowerrose shower gel 7.
5 Liushen8-8.5 Rexskin Shower Gel ( hydrophilic soft type ) 8.5Avonanew mask 5.5-6 prettyvallymassage cream 6new V Rohto plus eye drops6-6.5aloe juice( fresh ) 6.5-7 pluripotencyof contact lens care solution ( Shu times type) 7-7.
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Asics Greece suffering from malaria died

One hundred years of Marxian socialism

Rise of Great Powers of the historical experience and China's Choice 2zt

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One hundred years of Marxian socialism

Marxian socialism a century
Department of coconut] 2007-1-9 20:13:50 are affixed planning Economic Club
translation: Peng Dingding
for: I Department of coconut
The 16 of.
Marxian socialism a century
this year, 1967, University of Chicago celebrated its 75 anniversary, the world's most powerful political movement Marxism commemorate its history the two most important day for a hundred years ago, the publication of the first volume of a Marxist government in the previous has been created by the vast territory of the Russian Czar. choose the anniversary moment evaluation of Marxism in the modern world evolution played and still seems to be appropriate in the role of
Karl Marx life does not affect a small group of people only know his enemies than friends in the circle of the revolution he inspired agitator, he died in 1883, many newspapers do not feel the necessary reports.
Marx all the economic and sociological and all of its interpretations of history are once and for all falsified. great overwhelming success of Marxism ---- Russia and other Eastern European Slavic countries and China adopted its program ---- in itself constitutes a fundamental principle of the basic theory of Marxism irrefutable rebuttal; because, according to these principles, one can only expect that all countries, while achieving the most developed industrial countries of Western Europe and North America take the lead in the realization of communism.
the cavitary people about all the so-called scientific achievements of Marx's said that a great many. Having these, there are still a fact: not even its most politicians and politicians in the era known penniless the concept of the writer than any other philosophy more influence in world affairs over the past seventy or eighty years regardless of how Marx can not underestimate the role played by us to the world he was the greatest political leaders one is known as the most influential political leaders.
literature of the history of the name of the powerless dreamers addicted to the development of a paradise on earth, and sometimes their work is also survived all of these The common feature of the party press, members of these utopian must unconditionally obey its founders initially and later to obey the commands of his successor. Utopia those who aspire to the fact the ubiquitous prison may be that some of the author is a psychopath. The critical spirit of the Enlightenment in
eliminate the aura of all the concept of communism, including all utopian programs. Karl Marx's historical role, he taught an epistemology, the concept of the infamous With its ability to revival and has been made seem to be able to resist any rebuttal. theory of Marxism consists of three principle components: Reference (1) as long as there is no socialist, mankind is divided into different social classes, the fundamental interests of irreconcilable opposites.
( 2) a person's thinking must always be decided by the class attribution. his thoughts reflect his class interests and the interests of all other class members irreparable to confrontation. [1]
(3) class the antagonism of interests led to a relentless class struggle, class struggle inevitably lead to a number of the most numerous and the most victimized class victory of the proletariat, then a permanent era of socialism come.
this doctrine seems belonging to between people belonging to different classes,Asics Greece, there can be no peace discussions about any serious problems. they never fail to reach consensus; because their thoughts will always be the class war between the eternal. the war only by thoroughly a long time there to teach.
Marx before all-out war to wipe out or enslave the defeated party doctrine. a repeated ominous motto: Only harm can be self-serving. classical liberal doctrine of the great achievements is irrefutable reasoning suggests that the correct understanding of all individual and class interests are the same, regardless of how people refer to those classes.
However, all these efforts for peace in the society within the framework of the rational basis of human cooperation in the epistemology of Marxism all to no avail. as long as the interests of the class thinkers and all other class level of its members can not reconcile the doctrine of the special interests of the ground opposite the support or the opposition to the ideology created by members of the exploiting classes. hit it needs made to reveal the class nature of its author.
Marx said in the final analysis is this: the trend of historical development inexorably lead to the ideal, perfect in all respects is called The form of the establishment of those who deny the authenticity of this statement has serious prejudices, must be relentlessly the success of the
Marxism propaganda in the political incentives of other martial groups. the sworn enemy of socialism claim that their ethnic or linguistic groups to enjoy hegemony in the world, just as Marx declared that the proletariat enjoy hegemony.
19 century, the liberal era, the most liberal groups practice what they preach school expectations in Manchester, United Kingdom, the universal adoption of free trade and laissez-faire will lead to permanent peace in our time, has not aversion of foreign war, but their revolution and civil war; the other hand, some people hope that the national or ethnic peace and to launch a relentless full-scale war on all foreigners Enlightenment philosophy in
that the principle of tolerance ---- affairs in religion and philosophy on holding personal opinions without the government's persecution of free ---- the most valuable achievements. also urgent to give everyone the right to choose to integrate into the system of social cooperation, the great ideal of the classical liberal era freedom, freedom to plan their own life. Today, people want to how to do my life will be like boarding school children, like the soldiers of the army, such as prison inmates, like to spend, I will be a cog in the giant machine manipulated by the authorities, one can only believe and promote a philosophy, an ideology, a quasi-religious (quasi-religion) any deviation from the dogma of the words and deeds are condemned to death.
can be seen, Marxism is the most unreserved rejection of all free and ideal for the most thorough It does not recognize any objection to the right to exist. it eradicate all traces of any point of view it is regarded as heresy acts a little better than the darkest times of religious persecution, religious judge and a witch-hunt (the witch-hunters, specializing in raid shaman ---- Han Translator's Note) difference, but it is the face of all the legitimate continuation of the struggle for freedom of.
Marxism, despite these inherent defects in the world today on the District powerful position, which is due to this fact: politicians, politicians, and the vast majority of intellectuals and businessmen know anything about Marxism demonstrated the most obvious vulnerability. we look at the core proposition of Marxism, the capital 'into the socialist doctrine of the inevitability of eternal happiness of the great social revolution.
Marx said that the arrival of the revolution is inevitable, because of the inherent laws of capitalist production is bound to make the working class will inevitably lead to growing poverty of the laboring masses will lead to social unrest, the final complete revolution and thus there is the eternal happiness of the era was born.
us first compare the unconditional prophecy of Marx's and this past one hundred years the fact. No one can deny that in all capitalist countries, the average working-class living standards to unprecedented, unprecedented rate of material to improve these people enjoying the last century the richest nobility never dreamed comfortable.
Marx and others developed a similar doctrine has completely failed to recognize the fundamental features of capitalism is mass production to meet the needs of the masses. pre-capitalist era, the processing industry produced just for the rich, capitalism brought innovation including the establishment of a workshop for the production of most people. Thus, for example, the textile and garment industry is not used to the ordinary spinning, weaving and tailoring craft activities alternative to such a class of sale for human mouth ; under the class Today, the consumption of only a small part of the industrial products by high-income group people, most of the consumption by the same group of people work in factories, shops and offices.
so-called working class inevitably continued impoverishment law has been history plainly falsified its Marx for his followers, is still one of the two basic laws of economics and the historical evolution of its accompanying law long before the the Marx adoption of it iron law of wages are built on top of this iron law of this iron law of two very important things to say: First of all, Marx published Das Kapital, it has all the sensible people identified as inconsistent with the facts nonsense; it with another one of Marxism's Law ---- salaried masses, the growing impoverishment of the law of ---- logical incompatibility.
so-called iron law of wages claimed wages never exceed the maintenance of labor necessary minimum survival level. more than this level of wage growth will lead to the increase in population, so the increase of population, competition for jobs will again depress wages to the lowest level we do not have further discussion of the inherent fallacy of this pseudo-law of, but if someone use their reasoning to that famous exposition of Chapter 24 at the end of to the growing poverty of the working class can not happen under capitalism Marx chapters of the book describe and analyze the growing impoverishment of the main theses of Marx's great historical prophecy ---- salaried public ---- Marx's economics, said the main topics ---- wage iron law ---- contradiction. In addition, we have already pointed out, it has been the fact that the exact undoubtedly falsified
III of
order to properly assess the the meaning and historical consequences of Marxist philosophy, we must be popular with the mid-19th century economics controls. then most economists agree with this argument: the improvement of material well-being of all sectors depends on the accumulation of capital not only capitalists and other people also benefit from the growth of per capita capital. In addition to accelerate capital accumulation phase for the rate of population growth, all those eager to sell the labor of the wage increase no way.
everyday experience makes all this is not incorrigible drug into the prejudices of the people understand that all attempts to deny this basic truth have failed the basic facts about the capitalist production ---- its success has attracted the jealousy of anti-capitalism of ---- past and present are: a major consumer of its products is hard to produce them with some people only a few years after the publication of the first volume of the marginal utility of the problem, clearly shows the status of workers is becoming less and less due to the increase in capital not dare to deny the improvement of people's material well-being is most needed is a more abundant supply of capital.
capitalism times before the fight against poverty is a charitable rich man requested or forced to gift the poor methods of capitalism is to produce more and cheaper; its implementation requires a larger amount of capital accumulation through savings. charity can not increase the average standard of living. savings and capital accumulation can
socialism can not change these basic facts in the socialist or communist society, with an average improvement of living standards also need to previously accumulated more capital. the only successful ; against poverty, war and the elimination of barriers to impede savings and the removal of the state to lead to capital loss.
we humans due to the inherent flaws and errors can not know from a superhuman position of human affairs is what, but we were able to observe this fact: people of all non-capitalist countries by eagerly snapping up the products of the capitalist way of de facto recognition of the superiority of the capitalist method.
Bolsheviks win the Russian regime, They and their friends in other countries are convinced that their much-ballyhooed five-year plan to make Russia into a paradise on earth. the world communism in Europe and Northeast Asia, the most conducive to agricultural production but also extremely rich in mineral and other natural resources of countries half a century. socialist management methods and results is simply disastrous. there is no need to emphasize that any sane observer would not deny the fact: the capitalist mode of production than communism or socialist parties the proposed method is superior.
the superiority of the capitalist production system because of its determined according to each man-made to meet other people's contribution to his reward, so it stimulates everyone in the social division of labor within the system to maximize the efforts. a service it better, the more benefit, the consumer is the highest in the capitalist market economy as producers of goods and services, everyone is forced to service consumers.
wage earners compensation decisions for the price paid by the contribution he made to the products according to consumers are willing to if the employer is willing to pay workers more, he will suffer loss of goods sold. if he paid less, he will be a surplus this fact will attract new competitors, these competitors to poach workers approach will pay back to the equilibrium level. the
how to judge people from how much the position with some bias the reward system does not matter one can say that the opera singer or boxing champion earned the fact that many times more than the porters or laborers workers as unfair, but we can only blame nature does not give more people singing or boxing talent needed.
consumer products need capital products, tools and semi-finished products. capital is generated through savings is temporarily restrain spending. owners of capital gains do no harm to the workers do not harm consumers. delay the consumer price of the capitalists.
does not exist the main problem of the so-called general production (production in general). production plan: what to produce, how much to produce, what the quality of production, where production of production is always in order to meet future demand is uncertain due to the future state of , production is always speculative, it may lead to the entrepreneur's profit or loss.
in a market economy, everyone is entitled to choose how to serve it plan does not exist to force the individual to take a particular way of life and gives him specific location in the social framework in mandatory ---- This is the capitalist system and the hierarchical society of the past and contemporary authoritarian regimes totalitarian despotism difference. insatiable greed for more items of consumer sovereignty in hand always eager to be awarded to those best suited to the business enterprise to entrepreneurs functions. entrepreneurs are always looking for the best management and technical support under the capitalist system, everyone has an opportunity to reach can best can best serve the consumer is his kind of position the supremacy of the consumer capitalist institutions must submit to the investment of all capital goods must follow to meet the most pressing public not yet fully meet the needs of requirements.
capitalism unprecedented success is due to the fact: Under the system, the long-term interests of individuals are always people with it have long-term interests in line. Thus, when individuals pursue their own interests to promote - - at least no harm ---- it is the interests of the defective performance of a socialist society in such a matter of fact: careful planning of their personal interests are inconsistent with the interests of others in a market economy, workers' compensation levels are commodities to increase the value determined by his work He is doing better, the higher the income to do a good job benefit to him personally but
under the socialist system, individuals have no personal play the full force of the incentive. If he can work harder, all the hard work will only damage his own; he can only enjoy a small part of the additional labor of his extra work is insignificant under the socialist system, the individual fruits of their labors authorities at the highest share of production management, and comrades regardless of their individual contribution allocation, the individual did not play the power of incentives. everyday experience has repeatedly corroborated the correctness of this assertion than the guidance of the Communist Party of Russian affairs people more aware of to its authenticity.
the citizens of capitalist countries know, he better seat contribution to the well-being of other people, his days on the flies, the better. meet its people, he is always in for their own interests. are all members of the capitalist society, capitalists and entrepreneurs is the case, the wage earners as well.
a common feature of all anti-capitalist concept is that they fail to understand the capitalist savings and the consequences ---- accumulation of capital ---- in the human struggle for survival in animals and primitive hunters-gatherers. people are characterized by the accumulation of goods, to enable him to take more time-consuming roundabout (roundabout ) method to meet their needs. people's cultural and spiritual superiority is the accumulation of capital for the conditions of these circuitous mode of production to the possible savings is fundamental is the only way to improve the person's physical, ideological and moral state. The difference between the U.S. and those known as the poverty, backwardness, less developed or barbarous country's material situation, the whole is accumulated by the United States and use ---- Investment ---- a higher per capita capital in the production process.
nature has given to many parts of the world than the developed initially live in the area of ??the white people of the modern capitalist mode of production is much better land. Western civilization achievements are due to the protection of personal savings and investment for productive purposes from rulers plundered the moral and legal establishment of was able to appear in the east, private property is actually let those in power mercy, and Western judicial system that it is the basic rule of social organization.

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The sixteenth chapter of physicians in nutrition supply of different opinions below

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In view of Chinese astrology 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy, human

In view of Chinese astrology 2012Mayandoomsday prophecy ,human civilization will be facing earth affected !!star Author :Purple Star , diffuse flavor division / teacher Zhang Dingchuan.
Born in Taiwan Taipei city. Taiwan veteran comic layout editor, specialising in the book of changes, Chinese astrology ,astrological Tarot ,eight words ,name of school .He has been Hyun-color female fashion magazine ,wrote the 2007 horoscopeedition .
Beijing talked different dialects /mirror diorama popular magazines ,writing monthly constellation mirror divination .Find fortune teller Zhang Dingchuan Pro count those Ziwei to store owners: Lollipop Yuchang QQ No: 1193761118 or SunriseQQ No: 64450787 discuss thefortune teller project ,need to pay on the net ,can kiss is fortune.
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:Taiwan area net ,want to look for fortune-telling master Zhang Dingchuan fortune ,who Taiwan mobile users ,mobile phone Internet payment fortune-telling ,Taiwan mobile users access to R Catch mobile phone network R astrology transported the five time Zhang Dingchuan teacher Chinese astrology to single issues Pro is 588 yuan,name to single issues Pro is 288 yuan.
Zi Ling numbers divination : have you speak one way and think another false disease ? number :you Ziwei spirit of divination in the workplace will know how to take a shortcut ? Zi Ling numbers divination : you have conditions in the workplace has become popular potential characters ? number :you Ziwei spirit of divination hidden selfish jealousy will be more strongly ?Since 2008 globalsuffered hundred years financial storm swept economic decline ,the future life is full of uncertainty sense of crisis ,the netizen they asked me to Chinese astrology astrology to see how ,to write this article to Chinese astrology numerology see the United States Lehman Brothers collapsed ,the impact of global economic future fortune! !) because of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico news ,cause in my blog published April 28, 2009 ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,the swine flu outbreak in the United States of Mexico ,I am in early Ziweichart four spring forecast verification !! write attention to my blog friends, all know me in February 9, 2009 for the first timepublished a life science articles from 2009 Ziweichart four Lichun prediction ,full Global economic fortunes bovine transferrin Qian Kun password .
In this numerology article, I wrote a paragraph of text, Ziweichart four spring forecast ,this year boom palace purple star ,seven star ,Indra ,in global real estate belongs to hard work period ,the global economy boom needs only at the end of some signs of improvement ,beware .
The palace cheap commercial house Zhenxing do ,star ,void ,day boarding, many commercial fraud groups refurbished trick to crime of robbing ,in business investment should pay attention to contract ,lest is a dispute is ceaseless ,black food and infectious disease causing disease and evil news is ceaseless ,friends in the house price house no primary care ,a Qing sheep malefic ,speculators speculation raise profit and price change .
Now entered a lunar calendar April ,Mexico and the United States of America outbreak of swine flu epidemic broke out in 2003 ,as SARS SARS flu foam infectious disaster, also verify the fortune-telling articles ,wrote a paragraph of text, Ziweichart four spring forecast ,to never do star ,star ,Qing Yang ,void ,to rob an associations to global western ,southwest ,northeast ,Southeast, for example :Brazil ,Canada ,Panama ,Venezuela Argentina ,Australia ,hh.
. And so on. No ruler to take care of to fall in the south, southwest ,West weak area ,for example :the United States ,Mexico ,Cuba, H. and so on. Now the outbreak of swine flu, I review the original Ziweichart from four spring forecast ,feel Chinese astrology is worthy of one hundred patients .
to the king Chinese astrology run by the swine flu / influenza a H1N1 virus infectious ,easy disease enters by the mouth. The risk !! many friends who read this article after article on numerology ,I wrote the 2009 Global Forecast phenomenon has been verified ,fell in love with Ziwei bucket number god ,worthy of one hundred patients king ,than Western astrology and more subtle character calculation ,online many numerology astrologer ,whether Chinese astrology ,horoscopes ,astrology ,such as class skill points: to start skill numerology astrologer ,only personal constellation analysis of character ,love and career preferences as expertise ,in order to force numerology astrologer ,will be on a personal chart psychology go ten years ,the life fleeting Dayun ,fortune, with high-level skill numerology astrologer ,can predict the global world trend ,the national pattern of future fortune went to the public ,only care about personal future redirection ,cause sell sell off fortune teller renamed Merchandise shipped ,but no longer seek progress, thus misleading the public thought to change the name, buy lucky goods to Baishi ,can change the deviation of concept & numerology .
what isthe end of a major disaster destruction ,or human soul awakening rebirth ? because H1N1 swine flu virus outbreak in 2009 sweptthe world, net friends ask me about the network spreads : the prophecy of Majale :the winter solstice in December 21, 2012 ,the end of the end of civilization of human association disaster.
The United States of America NASA forecast: 2012 forcelestial cycle new junction point ,the earth and the solar system and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy black holes in a line ,as well as the sunspot storm could hit the earth will have a strong impact .
The United States and graduated from California University Berkeley campus ecosystem author Terry southern ,Secretary Mccann wrote the invisible landscape a book, to the East Fang Wenhua book as module mathematical ,that 2012 is just theI Ching sixty-third hexagrams Fire and water both economic shifts to sixty-fourth trigrams Fire Water Ji will face the threat of images .
In Western Astrology :Uranus in May 18, 2012 into Aries ,individual independent consciousness, to challenge the dark side of authoritarianism ,hidden greed chaos Truth to light ,the collective human consciousness to ascend.
There to save the earth in China Taiwan view: fifty-second as the dry lower Kun Thai in Songyue sentence Qiankun reconstruction in the corner Kang ,and angle and with are Amamiya 28 starsin seven at Oriental dragon ,two dragon and metaphor refers to the 1989,after the second year of the dragon was in 2012 ,wrote Qiankun reconstruction world updated idea .
When you see above 2012 doomsdayconjecture ,let people think it is also Nostradamus all century prophesied in the new millennium in 1999 Julythe end of the world ,and in 1999 there will be big scary the devil comes to earth doomsday legends ,and computer program in the Millennium Millennium worm will cause world financial power variable nuclear crisis, and 2000 also has arevelation.
Predictions of Halley collide the earth doomsday ,results of the 1999 to 2000last,confirmed to the ball not doomsday catastrophe ,the Western religious Scriptures articles ,Church of Christ ,astrology prophet doomsday almost lost ,but on September 11, 2001 the United Statesof New York World Trade Center Twin Towers and Pentagon were terrorists hijacked plane crashed 911Dutch actattack ,this disaster that killed 2998 people .
At that time .The half a year, many net friends ask me about the network spreads ,2012doomsdayview ,I think that as long as the predicted doomsday catastrophe ,should take the western view of the world view of thinking ,disaster will occur predominately in the west ,and the East should have little effect ,but in August 8, 2009 Taiwanhundred years floods ,Adidas Porsche Bounce S2,the Taiwan news this world weekly for several set global warming El Nino weather reports ,I always pay attention to the warming of the earth environmental changes caused by humans in the twenty-first Century ,refugees reported and wrote this article : from Chinese astrology inferences ,cross from Morach hundred years of typhoon and flood ,climate change global polarization magnetic reflection !! for industrial development has become a global economic activity ,the Western climate disaster ,will also affect the Oriental suffered disasters.
As the network spread .2012doomsday predictionshave been made into a global hot topic ,who interstellarterminator , tomorrow famous American disaster film director ,Roland Emmerich the opportunity to introduce new ,afterwards again after tomorrow to the end of a major disaster on wake states of all mankind on the earth warming serious problem ,the United Nations scientists study ,people around the world such as Do not attach importance to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions ,continue to make global warming continues, the earth in twenty-first Century may be the highest rise six degrees ,will bring all the existence of all things human catastrophe :world temperatures rise once :50000000 people worldwidehas the shortage of the water resources crisis ,80% ofcoral bleaching .
The temperature rise of two degrees :Africa agricultural yield decreases from 5 to 10%,15 to40%species are endangered .World :a global temperature rise of three degrees 1000000007 ten millionpeople facing the flood crisis ,the Amazon forest began to disappear .
The temperature rise of four degrees :300000000 people worldwideliving area flood crisis ,the Arctic permafrost disappeared half world temperature rise of five degrees :New York Tokyo Shanghai due to the flooding ,the Himalayas great glaciers disappear.
The temperature rise of six degrees :the small island states sank ,and the coastal port city with low face flooding disaster ,caused by city residents migration ,coastal farming ground decreases in great quantities, inland area sustained drought and desertification ,frequent typhoons and hurricanes ,malaria and dengue fever and other tropical infectious disease area enlarges ,pest and climate disaster on agricultural and fishery yield loss ,water and food is lacked badly, caused each country contends for panic .
Difficult, because the mankind enter the industry ages 200 years,development of excessive abuse the earth caused by the environment for human survival predicament. Chinese Astrology Horoscope chart in 2012 twenty-first Century global,caution is transposition of the great ten years suffered air transport to death! ! on 2012doomsday prophecyhas caused a global hot topic ,and cause I try from two Chinese astrology chart to the understanding of thinking ,I century globalchart point of view :in 2000 January 1days whenI ,lunar calendar is bing Zi Wu Wu Ji Mao years ,months ,days ,Ren Zi ,to set the disk , ebook global twenty-first Century horoscope chart ,Ziwei star do star in ugly palace ,it budget palace secret star in the uterus .
Go to 2012 fromit to the next ten years to a Universiade, the hideaway palace 12 years old to 21 years oldbrother palace investment in the palace ,the ruler is the palace of intrauterine no empty ,there is a sky ,calamity ,day Yao ,want to borrow on the ruler and Zhenxing depression ,greedy wolf star stuck right ,Tianma ,Indra ,Gu Chen ,plus three days Youqing sheep ,malefic ,punishment ,from 2012 to 2021,the global climate change and disaster is frequent ,environmental disaster and the increasing migration of refugees moving ,due to the disaster and global raw materials prices continue to rise, countries in the illegal Financial fraud crime of robbery increased, due to money earns hard ,cause feelings of scams crime cases ,divorce rates increased ,to engage in erotic entertainment gambling spread, human to reality and moral decay incidence ,relative heart feel confused and help-seeking religious numerology to comfort .
This ebook global twenty-first Century horoscope chart ,in 2012 toChen palace has the sun star in star ,never ,and star of the five lines are the water ,to star in the film never see that floods constantly phenomenon ,coupled with the palace is a palace Ganyi Dayun ,a lunar star bogey five line belongs to water, and 2012ren-chen yearso water year ,solar calendar 12 Ren Zimonths is Ren Wu ,Chen palace belong to Oriental position ,just is Asian ,at 2012 ren-chen yearcalendar month 12Ren Zi,possible flood or tsunami ,because the star Ren years never fly into the unitary palace has the star Paul and avoid conflict ,seven star ,Mars ,the star five line belongs to gold is fortune ,on behalf of the Western may occur financial crisis ,terrorist attacks ,power outages ,satellite or airplane crashes ,the fire disaster.
economic fortune Chinese astrology chart ,warning sunspot triggered the great flood and storm !! I To February 4, 2012 around,for the year of water dragon spring solar term began , yearglobal economic fortune Chinese astrology chart point of view to look at .
2012 in February 4th around the vertical spring to the lunar calendar ,is ren-chen year month day ,Ren Yin ,Yi Wei ,Ji Mao . global economic fortune Chinese astrology chart purple star is right ,Tianfu star ,calamity ,Pegasus in Yin palace ,ascendant Sun Star stuck in the Ohio House four-horse .
This ascendant Sun Star stuck in a land warning ,with the American space agency forecast: 2012 forcelestial cycle new junction point ,the earth and the solar system and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy black holes in a line ,as well as the sunspot storm could hit the earth will have a strong impact ,seems to be that the same opinion agree without prior without previous consultation .
Because Ren years never fly into the star in a palace grid palace has Wu Quxing jealous ,right Bute ,Indra ,the star is the five elements of gold is fortune ,on behalf of the Western may occur financial crisis financial crisis ,power blackouts ,satellite or airplane crash traffic disaster ,while in the solar calendar of 12 months ishidden and Ren Ren Zi stream month four modernizations ,the star of the bogey ,walking to the palace with ascendant Sun Star trap In a land of overlap, warning the sunspot storm hit the earth the most intense period ,and the palace in northwest area will likely be a magnetic field changes caused power outage ,traffic accident ,the financial storm ,their house is east of lunar star in Asian waters tsunami disaster in 2012 December,it may be human civilization ,in the face of sunspot magnetic storm caused environmental disaster panic.
I ebook global twenty-first Century horoscope chart , economic fortune Chinese astrology chart ,two different row chart disc ,active thinking analysis of the best in all the land of others ,those Ziwei secret secret .
fortune more God allowed effective fortune teller ,in life much will have a secret !! learning numerology horoscope fortune eight questions !! how to change our future life ,acquired the fate of the five man !! life four big fortune ,look for worship seven division friend !! fortune astrology first look to identify ,on parents .
The hidden causal !! love of numerology horoscope netizens, learning Chinese astrology ,don obsess over a single chart ,using multiple perspectives ,with a different chart to disc interactive relation life ,can be created by the Austrian Clever ,sophisticated heart wisdom.
No matter whether 2012 will really happenat the end of the world ,in fact, everyone will be faced with life and death problem ,as long as you every day is still alive, you should feel alive is good ,be happy Thanksgiving take each days ,the netizen said to me :in the event of 2012world end three years left to live ,how ?I joke said :my 40 years single ,no family burden pressure ,with computer to travel around ,to experience the exotic food culture ,while continuing the online to fortune telling and writing ,let oneself life worthwhile in life .
But I hope is in before the end of the world ,can see the real aliens come to earth to wonder ,want to know what the real aliens are like American science fiction movie ET or shaped ,or Japanese science fiction tokusatsu film Ultraman Superman ,or another other haven aliens shape appeared ,I grew up on anime science fiction film puzzled puzzles ,2012 isdoomsday destruction or human soul reborn ,can only resign oneself to one ,of good and evil in a reading room to run.
human society entered the industrial age two hundred years of pollution ,Porsche Design Scarpe,cause global climate magnetic polarization disaster constantly changing human society !! The invention of the steam engine from the beginning ,human society entered the industrial age ,mechanical force to replace manpower, animal power ,vehicles ,ships ,aircraft and other becoming social productivity the main carrier.
After 200 years of development ,is to improve the quality of human life ,the relative industrial factories in large excretory waste ,waste pollution ,causing the earth air ,climate warming ,Kagawa Ohai serious foul injury ,since 2006 the United States, former Vice President Al Gore to tour the world held the inconvenient truth speech ,with a large number of records photo data analysis ,global warming is carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions into the earth caused by these gases like a thick blanket ,the solar heat up, causing the earth the temperature rise of greenhouse gas in the earth ,the temperature would be more high .
These greenhouse gases from cars ,power plants and fossil fuel forest and farmland loss. Scientists studying ancient glacier ice ,from ocean sediments as well as trees and coral atoll ,global warming clues.
Global warming on human civilization cause problems ,because it will lead to a powerful storms and droughts ,melting glaciers ,sea level Rise ,changes of climate patterns of infectious disease and spread the crisis .
And coal-fired power plant in the United States is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions .Deforestation worldwide carbon dioxide emissions sources . I am online query Red Cross Association statistics from 2000 to2008 globaldisaster of all information is as follows :in 2001, the India Province 7.
9 stage Guchaladi the earthquake left ten thousand people dead . Outside the Mongolia snow ,low temperature caused six million death of livestock . 2003 ,the arg-e-bam Iran magnitude 7.5 earthquake killed 30000 people ,injured 70000 and5400 orphans.
The heat wave in Europe caused 30000 thermal bloomingheatstroke ,in India, which killed nearly 1500 people lost their lives. In 2004 twenty-first Century,is known as the greatest disaster of tsunami ,triggered a tsunami caused by earthquake of magnitude 9 in Indonesia,Sri Lanka ,Maldives, Burma ,Thailand and other places ,more than 280000 people dead or missing ,damage is serious, shocked the world .
In southern Sultan, a severe famine of more than 3200000 refugeesshortage of food .In 2005, Pakistan India-Pakistan region 7.6 earthquake caused700003more than 1000people dead,1200008 more than 1000people were injured,400000damage to housesand more than 3500000 people homeless.
Hurricane Katrina invasion The United States of America attacks in Louisiana and Mississippi ,killing at least 55 people were killed ,750000 familieswere forced to evacuate their homes .A hurricane with 16 feet highstorm surge ,flutter over New Orleans surrounding banks ,leading to Pang Jiaquan lake and flooding ,eventually the entire city 80%in Mizusawa .
Hurricane Shi Dan struck Salvatore in America ,Guatemala and other countries at least 276 people dead and caused the significant loss of property .In 2006, in Indonesia earthquake of May 27th 6.
3more than 6000 dead,60000 injured,1170000people were left homeless.Then the earthquake of July 17th 7.7tsunami,more than 500 dead ,380 wounded,200missingand 50000 people were affected.In 2007, the capital of Peru southern Lima of 7 in Richter scale earthquake occurred ,causing 700000 people affected.
The big torrential rain in Pakistan, India ,Bangladesh ,Nepal region resulting in the South Asia floods ,more than 2200 people dead ,let thirty million people suffer ,Bihar has fifteen million people become destitute and homeless .
In 2008, China suffered snow in January in Shanghai ,Zhejiang ,Jiangsu ,Anhui ,Jiangxi ,Henan ,Hubei ,Hunan ,Guangxi ,Chongqing ,Guangdong ,Sichuan ,Guizhou ,Yunnan ,Shaanxi ,Gansu ,Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III FG,Qinghai ,Ning Summer ,Xinjiang and other 20 provinces affected by low temperature ,rain and snow ,freezing disasters .
129 dead,4 missing,relocating 1660000;crops affected area of 178000000 acres ,87640000 acres ofcrops disaster ,25360000 acres;collapse building 485000 ,damaged 1686000 houses;economic loss of 151650000000 yuan .
Forests damaged area of nearly 279000000 acres ,30000national key protected wildanimal in snow froze or frostbite ;the affected population exceeds 100000000. Then suffered in May Wenchuan earthquake has caused 65080 deaths ,360058 wounded,23150 missingin Qingchuan County 6.
4magnitude aftershockoccurred ,resulting in Sichuan ,Gansu ,Shaanxi ,Chongqing 4 provinces and 8 deaths,927person injured.But in Burma the capital city of Yangon ,the Irrawaddy Delta and other places by tropical cyclone cyclone Jisi typhoon ,which killed at least 22000 people ,41000 people missing,estimated that there are millions of displaced .
Chinese astrology global twenty-first Century horoscope chart, warning that star floating caused by abnormal natural disaster continuously !! I Mi Astrology Horoscope chart global twenty-first Century ,purple star star in ugly house do belong to the target and create type broken vertical magnetic field ,is the sun back represents the sun star and the star are weak , symbol of uncertain state secret ,it stars ,bute right ,industry in the uterus ,secret star five elements are wood represents wisdom, fickle .
It floating three party but star never five lines are the water ,the sky fly into it an influence, therefore flood disaster constantly ,it first .Age 2 to 11 years,from 2001 to 2012tenyears span ,to contrast with the above global disaster ,in 2001, went to the palace Youlian chart Si Zhen Xing, greedy wolf star ,Pegasus ,Indra malefic ,three party there is a sky ,calamity ,Mars malefic fly in, and Wenchang stars of the bogey five .
Line belongs to Jinshui in a palace ,Southeast and northwest warning caused India earthquake, the Mongolia snow disaster . In 2003 ,the chart walk to not palace has the day star ,Qing sheep hand, three party there is a sky ,calamity ,going to fly in, plus fleeting greedy wolf star never is the five elements wood water in Si Palace ,southeastern and southern triggered warning earthquake in Iran ,Europe and India heat wave disaster .
In 2004 ,the astrolabe to Shen palace has the same day star ,day Xinghua section beam ,day Yue ,three parties have a star never five line belongs to water, fly into sky malefic ,plus fleeting Sun Star avoid five lines of fire water in a palace ,warning the west ,northwest ,east of the Made in Indonesia, Sri Lanka ,Maldives, Burma ,Thailand South Asian tsunami disaster ,a severe famine in Sultan .
In 2005 ,the chart walk to the unitary palace has the star of Lu ,seven star ,Mars ,void ,three Pegasus ,Indra malefic fly in, plus annual Lunar star of the bogey and star of avoid are five lines are the water in Chen palace ,warning the western ,Eastern ,southeastern Pakistan caused by earthquake ,the United States of Louisiana city flood caused a large migration ,central Salvatore ,the Guatemala disaster .
In 2006 ,the chart walk to a palace has the sun star ,Wenchang star ,the star ,three parties have a face star of the bogey ,malefic fly into sky ,plus fleeting cheap Zhenxing never is the five elements fire water in Si palace ,warning the northwest ,East ,southeast by Indonesian continuous earthquake tsunami disaster .
In 2007 ,the chart walk to hydroxyzine palace no ruler ,in utero have surface-to-air ,calamity ,three party with Indra sheep ,Qing malefic fly in, plus fleeting giant star never five line belongs to water in the afternoon to palace ,warning the northwest ,southern ,southeastern Peru caused by earthquake ,Pakistan ,India ,Bangladesh ,Nepal region floods disaster .
In 2008 ,the chart walk into the uterine secret star ,bute right ,industry ,three parties have a face five star .Bank belongs to the water ,the sky hand fly in, plus fleeting secret star never five elements are wood water in the North East ,warning ,south-east of mainland China ,caused the hundred years big snow disaster ,Wenchuan earthquake, in Burma ,the Irrawaddy Delta typhoon disaster .
In 2009 ,the chart walk to the ugly house Ziwei star ,do three star ,Pegasus ,Indra ,Mars malefic fly in, plus fleeting star never is the five elements in e water palace ,North East ,south-east of caution ,caused by Morach in Taiwan and Mainland China typhoon disaster ,is really at the end of period ,by the day by human disasters human test.
If not self-conscious introspection ,egoistic blind greed ,will cause the century of human migration predicament !! in twenty-first Century 9 yearsbecause of climate anomalies ,polarization ,each year caused by natural calamities and man-made misfortunes continued ,the disaster victims although poor government subsidies ,is still burdened with low interest loans to rebuild their homes ,but the government public construction ,such as the old disaster prevention standard design ,or construction contracts and Jerry ,forest exploitation ,river gravel mined illegally ,the lack of determination to oversee the maintenance of future disasters ,and constantly repeat ,the victims will only debt with debt ,the gap between rich and poor and greater cause Many social problems, in some areas due to natural disasters ,walk hill terrain ,river has changed, or lake danger area, this will not continue to live ,the relocation of the village was forced relocation of the village of it, government relief incapable ,hoping to rebuild their homes ,must do aftercare ,to regain the trust of the people at ease .
States not hurry indeed transformation into green industry ,reduce the old type of industrial pollution of the environment, human remains or selfish luxury and waste of resources ,excessive meat habit ,because love to eat beef and mutton, will have become a sheep and cows to supply the human demand ,to cultivate a large number of cattle and sheep will result in water resources and vegetation green rapid consumption ,effects of global climate change is also one reason ,so to promote the human to eat more vegetable & fruit and less meat ,not only the body health can lose weight ,only one earth ,natural resources is limited, the human must cherish ,don become the manufacturing pollution cancer cells of the earth person, regardless of whether 2012 whataccident disaster ,in order to human the future of the next generation can continue to live ,we now must pay attention to saving energy and reducing carbon ,whole generations of human to protect the earth .
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[top] American Presidents until 2008

First presidents of the USA ( April 30, 1789 --1797 year in March 3rd) Name: George Washington. Nickname :&quot ;father of the country &quot ;born: February 22, 1732 ,Westmoreland County ,Virginia died : December 14, 1799 ,Vernon ,Virginia hill of the political parties : The Federalist asset sources :inheritance ,plantation in the United States ( 1789~1797),the first president of the United States of America the independent war commander in chief of the Continental Army .
All his life he did not enter university study ,but pay attention to self ,to possess their own outstanding talents. Early when land surveyor .1752 years,became Lord of the manor at Mount Vernon .
Once participated in the seven years ,Lieutenant Colonel and awarded with the rank of captain ,accumulated a military command experience .1758 yearselected Virginia senator. The following year and rich widows M.
D. Custis married, access to a large number of slaves and 60.75 squarekilometers of land ,become Virginia plantation owners .In farm ,workshop process, Washington suffered a British colonial authorities to restrict ,exploitation of suffering .
1774 and 1775, successively as Virginia Council representatives attended the first session ,second the Continental Congress in July 3rd.1775 ,Washington as commander in chief of the Continental Army .
He put a loose organization, practice Deficiency ,equipment is backward ,lack of supplies ,mainly by the local army team reorganization and training to become a can with the low cost does positive counterions in the regular army .
Through Trenton ,Princeton and Okd and other war ,defeated the British North America ,gained the victory of the war of independence .1783 Treaty of Paris sign ,the * * * recognition the United States Independence.
In December 23rd of the same year submitted his resignation, surrenders the back field .1787 yearshe hosted the Philadelphia convention .A federal constitution ,for the eradication of the monarchy, formulated and approved maintenance have * * * to the constitutional rights to make unremitting efforts .
In 1789, was elected the first president of the United States .He organization capable of the federal government ,Asics Onitsuka Tiger,judicial regulations promulgated the establishment of the Federal Supreme Court ,in a lot of questions .
He tends to the Federalists advocated ,but to the Federal Party and the Democratic Republicans to keep a balance between his support for A. Hamilton on the establishment of a national bank plan ,establish national credit approval of T.
Jefferson Public Land Act ,established western free land system .1793 ,re-elected president. In order to ease the conflict with England ,November 4, 1794 Washington sent chief justice J.
Jay and the British talk Judge ,Jay Treaty signed ,due to damage to the interests of the United States, was against.1796 in September 17th of that year,he delivered his farewell speech ,said there was no longer president .
Thus creating the United States history abandon life president ,peaceful transfer of power to the sample .The following year, returned to Mount Vernon Estate. Due to the United States of America make significant independent contributions ,is regarded as the father of the United States .
Second presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1797 --1801 year in March 3rd) Name: John .Adams :American independent giant was born :October 30, 1735, Braintree ( now Quincy) ,Massachusetts died: July 4, 1826, Braintree ( now Quincy) ,Massachusetts Republican Party :* * * first lady :Abigail Smith ( 1744-1818):President salary 25000 dollars a year forJohn Adams as a political philosopher has more amazing knowledge and thinking power of .
&quot ;people and countries in the face of adversity was cast ,&quot ;he said ,no doubt ,this is his idea is the United States of America experience. Adams was born in 1735 in Massachusetts Bay Colony with a Harvard education .
Lawyer ,leading to him and some of the Patriots reached consensus ;1772was elected to theMassachusetts Congressman .1774 yearsto participate for the first time The Continental Congress to the Second Continental Congress .
1775 years.1776 yearsparticipated in the Declaration of independence five Drafting Committee .1777 mission to France.1778 returnto constitutional drafting the declaration of independence .one of the drafters of the revolutionary war, he served as a diplomat in France and Holland, and helped negotiate a peace treaty from 1785 to 1788.
He is the Minister of court ,James ,in the George Washington was elected vice president .When Adams became president, between the French and British war caused great difficulties for the United States two parties caused strife between Adams sent 3 officialsto France ,in the spring of 1798 arrived,French Foreign Minister Talleyrand and DIRECTORY refused to negotiate with them ,unless they pay a substantial bribe Adams put this insulting report to Congress ,the Senate printing the corresponding letters ,in which Frenchmen known as &quot ;X ,Y and Z.
&quot ;presented congressional appropriations finished 3 newfrigates and ships built added vessels ,and a validation a provisional army .It also experienced some foreign and inflammatory remarks ,intended to make foreign agents fear and restrain the Republican Edit attack.
President Adams has not published the declaration of war ,but hostilities at sea began. Initially, the United States vessels almost no defense to French privateers ,with 1800 armedgood businessman and the warship cleared the sea .
Despite several brilliant victory at sea ,the war has continued down to .In addition France the war seems to have no interest ,Adams and become a respected envoy. Long time negotiation is similar to a war in Washington for eight years as president, he has been vice president .
1796 was elected president. Because during his tenure in the interior ,foreign affairs had no significant achievements ,and in the 1800 general election lost to Jefferson in November 1, 1800, before the election, Adams in the White House residence in new capital .
Wet room ,writing a letter to his wife ,&quot ;at the end of my letter to me before, I pray heaven to give best wishes to all for under this roof honest and intelligent people in the United States in third .
&quot ;president ( March 4, 1801 --1809 year in March 3rd) Name: Thomas .Jefferson :people born: April 13, 1743 ,in Erli shad Wei ,Virginia died :July 4,Nike Mercurial, 1826 ,In the Monticello ( near Virginia ) * * * Republican Party :First Lady :Martha Wayles Skelton annual salary :$25000 / year asset sources :inheritance ,plantation in Thomas Jefferson, born in 1743 in Albermarle County ,he is a kind of plant technician and inspector ,from his father and continued for approximately 5000 acres of landmother has a very high social status.
He studied at William Mary college ,and then read law . In 1772 ,he married Martha .Solicitor in 1767 .1767yearsinto the colonial assemblies .1775 yearsparticipated in the H Continental Congress.
The following year, participated in the Declaration of independence five Drafting Committee, become the main drafter of the declaration .1776 years todevelop Virginia assembly ,freedom of religion act 1781 appointedgovernor Virginia .
1779 .1784as the minister to France.1789 years assecretary of state .1800 President-electThomas Jefferson is the American revolution movement of an active leader and organizer ,famous American Declaration of independence drafters .
He successively engaged in politics activity in recent sixty years ,in the United States of America in the eyes of the people is a great hero. Jefferson is a bourgeois democracy Thinker ,human rights advocate equal ,speech ,religion and personal freedom.
He drafted the abolition of tail to regulations ,a heavy blow to the British brought to America from the remnants of feudalism .He wrote Virginia religious freedom laws and regulations ,and the regulations in the state parliament ,realize the separation of church and Jefferson.
During the presidency of the United States ,from French hands &quot &quot ;purchase ;Louisiana area, make the United States territorial expansion nearly doubled .He also sent an expedition to the west ,the western border of the United States to the Pacific coast.
During his administration had some * * * reform ,led the opposition Conservative pro-British ,striving to maintain the bourgeois democratic struggle ,played a positive and progressive role for the United States ,the rapid development of the capitalism prepared conditions.
Jefferson to learn more ,the hobby is widespread. He is a land surveyor ,architect ,paleontologists ,philosopher ,phonologists and writer . He knew Latin ,Greek ,French ,Spanish and Italian .
He also in mathematics, agronomic science and architecture ,and viola ,interested . People said he was gifted the highest ,most versatile American president Jefferson writing a lot of life ,involving Topic is very wide, later generations to commemorate him and published his collected works ,20 volumes,Jefferson as the United States of America bourgeois * * * Paget representatives ,and Washington and Lincoln .
In 1803, he decided to buy Louisiana ,make the United States land almost doubled in size .1804 yearsterm. After leaving office ,he began a retired life .Here, he founded the University of Virginia ,served as the first president of the school .
Declaration of independence 50anniversarya few days ago ,Jefferson has been very ill ,in a coma. Once he awoke to ask the doctor &quot ;is it right? That day ?&quot ;he refers to is in the July 4th.
Day ,he depart from the world for ever ,and Adams at the same time on the west to fourth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1809 --1817 year in March 3rd) Name: James Madison :the father of the Constitution was born :March 16, 1751, Virginia died in Montpelier ,June 28, 1836 :Virginia ,Republican Party :* * * first lady :dolly Penn .
President Todd annual salary :$25000 /Madison was born on 1751 ,in Orange County ,Virginia ,graduated ( at that time it was called New Jersey College ) in Princeton. He studied history and government law course ,read very well.
Good boys school ,youth Time is involved in the independence war. In 1776 he attended the Virginia constitution ,in the Continental Congress ,and is a leader of the Virginia conference .
The constitutional convention in Philadelphia, 36 year old Madison tofrequent and significant part in debate .Madison and Alexander guy Milton and John Jay ,federalism prose of Constitution do larger controlled .
In later years ,he was known as the father of the constitution of &quot ;&quot ;,in Congress, he helped revise the bill of rights ,develop the first into legislation. From his leadership were against Hamilton proposal ,he felt would be too to the northern financiers to wealth and ability ,a republican development.
Then president Jefferson Madison to Secretary of state ,war France and Britain * * * their American ship was seized ,and the international law to the contrary .In 1807 despite the unpopular Prohibition Act ,which didn make the warring nations to change their ways ,but caused the United States of America ,in 1808 Madison was the election for president.
He abolished the EmbargoAct. in Madison first year in office ,the United States and Britain and France prohibited transactions ;then in 1810 May,the Congress authorized two Transaction ,guide the president ,if either one will accept American neutral rights advice ,prohibition and other countries traded Napoleon pretended to agree with him .
In late 1810, Madison and the British announced non communication .In Congress including Henry clay and John .C. Calhoun young and a group of militants ,&quot ;&quot ;,for a more aggressive policy .
The United States urged the president British impressment and seizure of goods so that Madison had to pressure to give in . In June 1, 1812, he asked Congress declared war .His human rights advocates and the theory of separation of the three powers to date or the constitution of the United States guiding principle.
He and Jefferson co-founded and led a democratic republican ,to make the United States began to form political parties .During his presidency led the second anti-British war ,to defend the American republic system ,as the United States won completely independently builds achievement.
Fifth presidents of the USA ( term :March 4, 1817 --1821 year in March 4thMarch 4, 1821 --1825 year in March 4th) Name: James .Monroe was born :April 28, 1758 Virginia state Westmorland died :July 4, 1831 New York New York City Republican Party :* * * first Lady :Elizabeth Wright Monroe air Vice President :Daniel .
D. Tompkins Monroe downs politics for 48 years, has a lawyer ,congressman ,governor ,Secretary of state ,diplomatic envoys ,Secretary of the army and President and state constitutional convention chairman Monroe president of the United States ,positive value end war into peace construction period, he to exaggerate national consciousness ,vigorously explore foreign territory for the United States ,the development of capitalism has created favorable conditions for.
1823 Monroein his state of the union presented in American foreign policy ,said the world Monroe declaration or &quot & quot ;Monroe ;,in &quot ;America is the American people of the Americas &quot ;slogan publicly ,Latin America zoned for the United States of America .
The Monroe old age and desolate, died at her daughter ,at the age of 73 .Sixth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1825 --1829 year in March 3rd) Name: John .Quincy. Adams the nickname :eloquent man born: July 11, 1767 ,Braintree ( now Quincy ) ,Massachusetts died: February 23, 1848 ,Washington D.
C. Republican Party :* * * first lady :Lu Yisi .Catherine Johnson ( LouisaCatherineJohnson ) Vice President: John.C. Carle Horn John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States .
He was the second President John Adams and first lady Ai Bbigail Adams .He was the first American after his father became president .At the age of twenty he became a famous diplomat ,had to Europe for many years ,familiar with European affairs .
1817 yearsafter President Monroe took office ,Adams was appointed as secretary of state ,serving eight years, had helped draft the declaration of Monroe ,with many British disputes ,acquired Florida from Spain ,therefore ,is thought to be the United States of America history &quot ;the most successful secretary of state &quot .
1825 one;Adams was elected president of the outgoing .1829 yearsafter being elected congressman ,until his death .Seventh presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1829 --1837 year in March 3rd) Name :Andrew Jackson nickname :Lao Hu peach was born :March 15, 1767, South Carolina, died June 8, 1845 ,Nashville ,Tennessee :the political party democratic Party :sources of assets :real estate and plantation in Jackson is American history first a civilian who president.
Before birth, father to the world. In his youth living in the remote western region ,where k The independent war. He from a border law started, when a congressman ,Senator ,state Supreme Court judge ,state militia Major-General .
Second war against Britain ,he is firm and indomitable ,Ken and soldiers all hardships and difficulties ,known as &quot ;Old Hickory &quot ;in the New Orleans war ,he an army defeated the British ,hearten the country, become the famous hero.
His first presidential campaign failed ,second times before winning ,is the United States the first democratic party president. He vigorously strengthen the presidency ,to maintain the same ,some achievements ,known as &quot ;* * * &quot ,several political ;and third president Jefferson .
The eighth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1837 --1841 year in March 4th) Name: Martin .Van Buren nickname :little magician born: December 5, 1782 died:July 24, 1862 Party:Van Buren is a Democratic Party of Holland descent ,was born in 1782 in New York City Jin Hu town .
He was elected president ,he served in the New York state Senate ,Senator ,governor of New York ,Secretary of state and vice president post .1837 yearsafter Van Buren came to power ,the United States of America erupted severe economic crisis.
He proposed the independent treasury system and other measures. In his four years in office ,the United States and the Canadian border .Students serious conflict ,finally signed a Treaty of Burton Webster - Aspen .
Because of the severe economic depression for many years ,people lose confidence on Van Buren .1840 his campaign for re-election,was defeated by Harrison and later twice running, have failed ,Nike Mercurial Victory III AG,then retired from politics ,shadow information home.
Ninth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1841 --1841 in April 4th of that year) Name: William . Henry. Harrison the nickname :oldtippecanoe was born :February 9, 1773 died:April 4, 1841 ,Berkeley ,Virginia ,Washington D.
C. :the Whig Party Harrison wellborn ,father is a Declaration of independence signatory .He in the second war against Britain had obvious merit .1840 presidentialvictory ,the inaugural year was 68 .
In theinaugural ceremony feel air-cooled ,after conversion to pneumonia ,fell ill in January ,only for the United States of America died. First to the world at the White House ,president to die in office .
He himself without a clear politics ,administration failed to take any significant action. Tenth presidents of the USA ( April 6, 1841 --1846 year in March 4thName :John Taylor ) born: March 29, 1790 died:January 18, 1862 :the Whig Party Taylor is vice president ,because of President Harrison died soon after his inauguration ,and by his successor .
During his tenure ,the United States and China signed the first unequal treaties - see the United States and the treaty ,the treaty was agreed tariff ,five treaty ports ,consular jurisdiction ,most-favored-nation treatment and other privileges.
Taylor is a former Democratic Party people ,as opposed to seventh President Jackson ,for the Whig party. But he was born in the Southern plantation slave family ,stand for the maintenance of slavery ,against the Whig many policies ,and expelled from the party .
The United States Civil War period, he supported the Southern Democratic Action ,was selected for &quot ;the Southern Confederacy of &quot ;members of Congress ,the northern states of his hatred.
He died ,the federal government no mourning .Eleventh presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1846 --1849 year in March 4th) Name :James Knox Polk born :lattice Cronenberg County ,North Carolina died: 1849partydemocratic party :James.
K. Polk is referred to as the United States of America black &quot ;&quot ;President James .K. Polk was born a lattice Cronenberg County ,North Carolina .His father was a plantation owner Polk 11 years old whenthe family moved to Tennessee .
At the age of 20, entered the University of North Carolina at Polk University as the studious, so excellent, highly effective ,&quot Napoleon &quot ;platform ;said . In 1818 graduated with honors.
After graduating from University, he returned to Tennessee.1820 yearshas obtained the qualification of lawyer, a young lawyer ,and entered politics ,played for the Tennessee legislature ,and get to know the father of friends of Andrew Jackson generals ,become friends.
Andrew Jackson is one of his few friends .James. Polk at the age of 28 and20 years oldSara kier Dressel married. After 25 years of marriage has not been fruitful .Devotion to the famous Sara Polk.
All the time and energy to her husband Due to Jackson ,Polk entered the United States House of Representatives, to become lieutenant .1825-1839 years,he served as a congressman for 14 years ,and served as speaker .
1839 twoyears as governor of Tennessee ,governor a year.1844 election,the Democratic Party presidential nomination in in the deadlock. The behind-the-scenes consultations ,and under the influence of Jackson ,candidate Polk has been nominated in the election ,and defeated the Whig Henry Keleidang choose ,became the first black American &quot ;&quot ;total During the term of president.
He chose a capable assistant .The Polk administration has a massive expansion of territory and Mexico conducted two war ,the Texas became a state of the United States ,the southwest and the Far West California) has also become a part of the territory of the United States of America .
Expanded the territory of the United States ,known as &quot ;the most effective &quot ;president. During the war signed to determine the northwest boundary treaty ,a across the continental United States started to appear .
In addition ,the Polk administration and New Granada Columbia ) signed a treaty ,solved the United States citizens across the isthmus of Panama traffic rights .He chaired the formulation of new tariff law ,reduce the United States Tariff ,promoted the development of foreign trade .
President Polk to the United States of America expanded area ,but its success also aggravate between the north and the South on slavery fight between Polk promises ,do not seek re-election of Polk in.
1849 separations,retiring after three months that passed away .Twelfth presidents of the USA ( March 5, 1849 --1850 in July 9th of that year) Name: Zachary Taylor the nickname :oldroughandready was born :November 24, 1784 died:July 9, 1850 ,Virginia ,Washington .
District Party :the Whig party assets :inheritance ,plantation in Zachary. Taylor was born on 1784 to VirginiaTaylor Taylor and mother Sara Dabney . Teluose Taylor were educated at Taylor are the parents of third children ,his father was a plantation owner ,to the development of the western region is very yearning ,finally got home to Kentucky Luis Weil ,began to pioneer life.
Taylor basically has no formal education .He was meant to be a soldier .1803 years,under the age of 20 Taylor joined the Kentuckymilitia .Zachary. Taylor experienced pioneers hard life, quite can hard-working .
1808 in May ,when Taylor was 25 years old ,was appointed as the seventh infantry regiment, second lieutenants ,and began his military career in the army before and after 40 years, the witty ,brave ,continue to ascend.
Until 1846 was promoted tomajor general in the army 40 years,he became a nationalist. 1846in May,the United States declared war on Mexico ,he led the troops to war ,often wins ,a brilliant victory ,become the United States of America hero.
He has a very high reputation, has been called the greatest heroes & quot ;&quot ;&quot ;,with large Redneck &quot ;.The 1848 election was the Whig Party Fancy, was introduced to the presidency ,President Taylor set out from overall situation ,he advocated to cut from Mexico territory ( namely California and New Mexico ) to give statehood ,opposed to seize land from Mexico to open up for a slave state ,his decisions in Congress in opposition to the Whigs .
Although Taylor has booked the legislative leadership principles ,but he does not tend to become a Whig leaders of the puppet. Traditionally, when they drafted a new constitution, decide whether you want the slave system .
Therefore ,in order to end to slavery in new areas is established debate ,Taylor in New Mexico and California immigration drafted a constitution ,and apply for statehood . This leads to the South ,because they felt that the president is to usurp their decision-making privileges.
Taylor and attempted to secede from the Union forces in the fight against and exposed his cabinet in three individuals did not meet in court qualification. In case he decided to reorganize the cabinet.
But things happened unexpected changes . In July 4th the Washington Monument ,Taylor attended a ceremony,Asics California 78, the onset of the illness ,in 5 daysDied, just 16 months in office .In the White House died .
Thirteenth presidents of the USA ( July 9, 1850 --1852 )Name: Millard .Fillmore was born :1874died:New York State Party :Whig Millard Fillmore was born in New York, on 1800. His father nathaneil .
Fillmore was a farmer ,and later became the tenant Fillmore very early to help home farm ,also worked as an apprentice. He worked in his father work, and at the age of 15 was sentas an apprentice .
He received only a basic education ,self-taught .He fell in love with a redhead teacher -- Abigail Bowers ,later to become his wife in 1823. At the age of 23 ,Fillmore passed the bar exam ,and became a lawyer after.
7 years he took what he learned to the practice of law in New York, buffalo .As a Whig statesman Arthur Lowe de colleagues ,Fillmore has been a member of the .1828 congressmanyears participate in the Anti-Masonic movement .
1829 was elected to the New York stateparliament in the Whig Party .1834 ,to become North leader was elected to the United States Congress .1832 years. In 1848 ,become New York auditor. At the same time ,in the Whig National Convention ,Z.
Taylor Be proposed as a candidate for president, Fillmore was nominated as a candidate for vice president in 1850. President Taylor died ,his successor to President Fillmore American history second to Vice President identity to presidency .
President Fillmore immediately appointed Daniel as secretary of state . In the whole political period ,Fillmore in the slave end light .Always keep compromise attitude. In 1850 he signed for southern slaveholders compromise bill.
This bill for both the north and South dissatisfaction ,did not win the trust. Some more aggressive northern Whig refuses to forgive Fillmore signed the bill .The no-win ,in his 1852 presidential electiondefeat .
He preached the United States domestic development ,and very early support to Pacific expansion .1853 sentthe United States Fleet forced the Japanese government to Japan ,change the traditional policy of seclusion ,and the western development ,foreign trade relations.
During his tenure, sending admiral Perry led his fleet to visit Japan ,forced the Japanese government to open Haikou to trade with the United States ,and &quot open the gate &quot ;Japan ;in the eighteen fifties ,when the Whig Party dissolved, Fillmore refused to participate in the Republican Party; but It is ,he promised the United States party nominated him was elected president.
Although throughout the civil war he was opposed to President Lincoln ,support for president Johnson reconstruction . Because the failed campaign ,began to retreat .He died in 1874 ,fourteenth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1853 --1857 year in March 3rd) name: Franklin .
Pearce nickname :younghickoryofthegranitehills was born :November 23, 1804, Hillsborough ,the United States of America in New Hampshire, died October 8, 1869 ,Concord ,the United States :New Hampshire Democratic Party Party :Franklin Pearce was born in New Hampshire, Bushehr.
His father Benjamin Pearce, former New Hampshire Gov..1820 years,Pearce entered the Bowdoin College, after graduation, to remain in the Bowdoin College, to study law. After graduation he continued study of the law, then entered politics at the age of.
24 he was electedNew Hampshire legislature of Bushehr . In the eighteen thirties ,Pearce went to Washington, is first of all members of the house of Representatives ,then became a senator in 1827 .
Breast bar admission ,then embarked on a political career. She served as the state senator ,the United States congressman and Senator .1852 ,* * * the Party Congress, he was as a compromise candidate nomination ,meaning The field to win the nomination and election.
As he took office two months ago, he and his wife saw their 11 year old son died in a car accident .They were very sad. In his inauguration speech to declare a national peace and prosperity of the importance ,and with other countries to maintain good relations.
After his inauguration ,in foreign policy, he tried to expand the territory of the United States and increased trade interests. For the purchase of Cuba ,he had ordered the United States ambassador to minister to Spain Sauret urged European financiers to the Spanish government influence ,persuade Spain selling Cuban.
1853 years,he purchased for $10000000 from Mexico nearly 30000 square miles .Franklin Pearce was sympathetic to the South political views of the North American .1854 yearCongress passed Kansas Nebraska Act ,a two state should openly slavery ,northern and southern people due to the control area and competition ,the results into Kansas ,causing the Kansas civil war.
Pearce stood on the southern slave owners attitude ,to send troops to suppress opposition to slavery immigration in the internal policy, had to build the transcontinental railroad, the development of northwest area and to this region .
This is the migration of southern slave owners group volume polar The northern expansion of product. Because Pearce shield ,at south ,he told the event has an unshirkable responsibility .
He pursued a policy of expansion, to China have ambitions ,and in Britain ,French imperialism in China and other countries the aggressive activities. Because of his southern sympathies cannot see .
In the northern States ,contributed to the national government ,it expires after retiring. Died in 1869 ,Fifteenth presidents of the USA ( March 3, 1857 --1860 )Name: James Buchanan was born :born in Pennsylvania in 1791 died:1867Party:the Democratic Party James Buchanan is the only unmarried President James Buchanan, was born in 1791 Pennsylvania,the home of a wealthy family .
Father James Buchanan in a shop work in small Buchanan is the father of second children ,his father put his own name to him. Buchanan graduated from Dickens continued after the lawyer occupation .
He was 5 times elected into the house of representatives in the legislature and after ;the United States House of representatives .L. Jackson a faction of the Democratic Party who served as minister to Russia .
1831 .1834elected senator.1845 yearsSecretary of state .1853 years asBritish minister .As president, term of office Up to 40 years,great achievements in.1856 was the Democratic Party nominee ,in that election .
Buchanan as president, as the United States in the history of a great moment .At that time, the South and north sides of the slave end light on struggle intensified. After the ruling ,slavery caused the crisis deepens ,escalating conflict ,the domestic situation is serious with each passing day ,and the democratic party be split .
Many internal and external program because of the domestic slave terminal optical objective contradictions sharpen and did not achieve. James . Buchanan didn seek re-election ,* * * the party also elected no decent candidates ,so ,the 1860 general election to Republican Lincoln Buchanan won after retiring back to Pennsylvania .
More than a month .Retired civil war broke out ,he urged the Democratic Party supported Lincoln .So he blamed ,became the scapegoat .But ,Buchanan also met with some criticism ,said he supported the southern Communist Party ,to eat some of it.
Once wrote the book in the late government policy to show he is taking the outbreak of the civil war no responsibility 77 years hehas been single . Although at age 28 hadengaged in 1819 ,but his fiancee from an overdose of sedatives death.
From this he never mentioned the engagement or wedding ..77 When died. Sixteenth presidents of the USA ( March 4, 1861 --1865 year in April 15th) Name :Abraham Lincoln nickname :honestabe ;illinoisrail-splitter was born :18.
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Gao has become the easy way out news of scapegoat

Gao has become the easy way out news scapegoat
Mu Yifei
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Wenling Municipal Party (317500) Mu Yifei (media commentators)
pseudonym: Murong, MO heart, easy non- the fly

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